New poem.

The blessing 
I’ve awaited is 
not yet in sight

but there is
a promise of it
in a shadow ahead of us.

I shall not
rush toward it.

let’s see what birds
come toward us
from that potential home,

let’s see what the sea
offers us 
as we tack closer,

let’s feel something
like hope and regret 

until we are ready to land
and shift from past and future 
into present.

I have waited this long
to see it looming there;
so little time to wait now,

so little to fear now
as we approach, and I will not
speak for all of us

but I will say that
I am curious enough
for all of us. Lend me your eyes,

lend me your ears
if you are afraid;
lend me all your senses.

I can take it all on for you 
if it will ease 
your remaining way.


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