Fred Phelps

Here’s the very definition
of an asshole for you:

took up inordinate space in our heads
while alive,

keeps on doing it now that
he’s dead.


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5 responses to “Fred Phelps

  • leamuse

    Unfortunately, the malignancy lives on!
    I have had the dis-pleasure of encountering him. I hadn’t know he had died.

    • Tony Brown

      He passed yesterday.

      I loathed what he was and stood for. I also think that we and the media focused on him and his tiny band of followers while missing more than a few people who actually established legislation and policy that were far more destructive and far more stubborn to eradicate.

  • 47whitebuffalo

    Having encountered Fred,
    I’m thrilled he’s dead.
    Perhaps reincarnation will fix his head.
    There shall be no eating of his heart.
    It was more suitable for poison darts.
    Bye Fred, bye.
    Hope you learn a thing or two now that you’ve died.

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