Where No One Ever Gets Shot

Imagine a place
where no one
ever gets shot

barring that
a place
where no one gets shot
without deserving it
or asking for it 

Imagine that someone 
in that place
got shot
without asking for it
and at last
we were all ashamed

How could it be
we would call to each other
someone got shot
without asking for it  

Imagine that we then tried
to rename the place
as Country Without Guns
and Earth
as Rock Without Guns

Imagine that we tried to do that

Who do you think
would show themselves then

What big bad wolves would rise
to fight us on the change

How long would we tolerate 
their unrepentance
and ravening

They’d be asking for it
we couldn’t shoot them

Would we have to drive them back with rocks
like we did in the old days
like we did back home
would we threaten them
with whatever was at hand
with wallets
with CD cases
with ice tea bottles
with bags of candy

They must know how ridiculous that would be
Killing a man with a wallet or a bottle of tea
Maybe on the Rock Without Guns it might be possible

But here there ARE guns
we go 


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