Song Of Songs

Brand new to the charts
Number 15 with a bullet
Nice beat, you can dance to it
I give it an 85
It’s the perfect length for the radio
The perfect summer single
Perfect prom song
Perfect driving anthem
Perfect club banger
Perfect navel gazer
Perfect for throwing the horns
Soundtrack for dorm room philosophizing
Soundtrack to fall in love by
Soundtrack for your next party
Soundtrack for a breakup
A song to get crazy with
Song to rage with
Song to slit your wrists by
Song to beg for one more chance by
Song to conjure memories with
Song to conceive a baby by
Music for boning
Music for running
Music for revolution
Music for a wedding
Something to day dream on
Something to set your toes tapping
A little something to brighten your day
Something you might remember
Here’s a blast from the past
Here’s one from the “where are they now” file
Here’s one from the vaults
Here’s one to get you thinking
What were you doing when this was all over the airwaves
What were you doing the first time you heard this
This was their biggest hit
Rising to Number 3 on the charts
Here’s a remake of their biggest hit
Here’s a remix of their biggest hit
Here’s a sample of their biggest hit
They just don’t make them like that anymore


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