Every window’s open while I clean house
There’s a lot to do and it feels great to be doing it
The radio agrees with me
It’s a good day for some Bob Marley

Don’t worry
‘Bout a thing
Cause every little thing’s
Gonna be all right

Gotta love that island music
Gotta love that reggae beat
And that universal message

One love
One heart
Let’s get together and
feel all right

Christ, I love that song too
I learned it back in college
I learned it from a bong-loading friend of mine
I learned a lot from songs back then

It’s some kind of Marley Festival today
Because it sounds like they’re playing everything —

Cause I feel like bombing a church
now that you know
the preacher was lyin’

I must have missed that one
With that violence that’s more than just implied
Doesn’t sound like the Marley I know
This isn’t on the Legend album, is it?

If you are the big tree, let me tell you that
We are the small axe, sharp and ready
Ready to cut you down

I never heard that one either
That’s not on the Legend album
Where the hell are they finding this stuff
This isn’t really Bob, is it?

Them belly full but we hungry
A hungry mob is an angry mob

oh, come on…

Forget all your troubles and dance

That’s more like it!

You know, I am thinking of a friend of mine
Who took one of those adventure trips
He went kayaking on the Mekong River
and around a bend he came upon a shrine to Bob

He said there were white stones embedded on the bank
and they spelled out his name below his poster on a post
He said the ground was swept clean all around the stones
and the jungle was cut back so anyone could see

He thought it was there for the tourists
I can get behind that
I used to have his poster in my room
I might still have it somewhere

Build your penitentiary, we build your schools
Brainwash education to make us the fools
Hate is your reward for our love
Telling us of your God above

Again, I don’t know this song
I don’t recognize that suspicion
This isn’t what I thought I’d be hearing
when I started jamming in the living room
with a dustpan in my hand

It’s time to turn the dial
If I’m ever gonna get this house clean
How anyone could ever clean house
to music like this
I’m sure I’ll never know


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